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PEEVESKOTEK feat. BIG L music video

MartinPeeves, WhollyDrawing

Wholly Drawing In Class

I am currently working on writing a short story that places 
Wholly Drawing in a familiar everyday setting. 
The story takes place in a classroom, with an Art teacher 
introducing Wholly Drawing as the lesson for the day. 
Through this narrative, readers will be able to gain a 
better understanding of the theory and process behind 
Wholly Drawing. The story aims to delve deeper into 
the subject and provide clearer insights. Additionally, it 
addresses common questions or speculations about the 
drawing process, offering a more comprehensive and 
general explanation.

During the initial phases of the Wholly Drawing research, 
a study was done on the brain to identify distinct regions
that are activated during engagement in observational drawing.
The primary focus of this investigation was to determine the
origins of visual impressions and their corresponding neural
mappings in the brain. Additionally, the study aimed to identify
the mechanisms responsible for generating involuntary
motor actions by the body in response to (an observed) stimuli.
MartinPeeves, WhollyDrawing

Parts of the brain and it’s functions


MOBB DEEP album cover art painting

Remaking the MOBB DEEP album covers for their anniversary new post-modern PEEVES look.

Used q-tips to paint the details since
Didn’t have any tiny paint brushes available

…coming along …. ofcos was bumping the album while making this … start of your ending has gotta be my favorite track of the album.

Murda Muzik for some reason sounds very good right now… especially the tracks with the QB rappers

Hoping to use these paintings as a graphic design behind a dope backdrop for fabric design